Maven RS.5 4-24x50 review

Maven RS.5 4-24x50 review

Can a “long range” scope, still be a practical, general hunting scope?

That’s what we are going to find out.
The Maven RS.5 may bridge that gap, with its long range capability, and bush stalking friendly field of view.

If you are looking for a high-quality rifle scope that offers a lot of features and performance for long range shooting and hunting, you might want to check out the Maven RS.5. This is a premium model rifle scope that has a simple and straightforward configuration that combines a second focal plane reticle, a 4-24x magnification range, a 50mm objective lens, and a 30mm tube. It also has ED glass, illuminated reticles, side parallax adjustment, zero stop, and reliable turrets. In this review, I will go over the main features and benefits of the Maven RS.5 and share my personal experience with using it.


Glass quality

One of the most impressive aspects of the Maven RS.5 is the glass quality. The RS.5 uses extra-low dispersion ED glass to provide exceptional clarity, brightness, contrast, and color fidelity. The glass is comparable to some of the most expensive scopes in the world, and it delivers a sharp and crisp image at any magnification level. The glass is also coated with phase correction coating to enhance light transmission and reduce glare. The RS.5 has a generous eye relief of 3.5 to 3.9 inches, and a wide field of view of 23.6 to 4.1 feet at 100 yards.


Illuminated Reticles

The RS.5 has two reticle options: SHR-W (MOA) and SHR-MIL (MIL). I chose to go with the MOA version. Both reticles are second focal plane, which means they stay the same size regardless of the magnification level. This is handy for long range shooting, as it preserves the reticle subtensions and allows for precise holdover and windage corrections. The reticles are also illuminated with 10 levels of red brightness to suit different lighting conditions. The illumination is controlled by a knob on the side of the parallax knob. The reticles have hash marks and dots for elevation and windage, and a floating center dot for precise aiming.


Side Parallax Adjustment

Parallax is the apparent movement of the reticle relative to the target when the eye is not aligned with the optical axis of the scope and can cause inaccurate shots, especially at long ranges. The RS.5 has a side parallax adjustment knob that allows the user to fine-tune the focus and eliminate parallax error. The parallax adjustment ranges from 25 yards to infinity, and it has clear markings for different distances.


Zero Stop

The RS.5 has a mechanical resettable zero stop that allows the user to quickly return to the original zero point after dialing elevation. The zero stop is easy to set and adjust using a hex key, and it has a positive and audible click when it reaches the zero point. The zero stop also prevents the user from dialing below the zero point and losing track of the turret position. The zero stop is a useful feature for long range shooting, as it eliminates the need to count the clicks or look at the turret markings when adjusting for different distances.


The RS.5 has a dial-to-shoot elevation turret and a capped windage turret. Both turrets have 0.25 MOA/click or 0.1 MRAD/click adjustments. The RS.5 has 100 MOA / 29 MIL vertical adjustment  and 70 MOA / 20.3 MIL windage. The turrets have solid clicks and clear markings for easy and precise adjustments. The turrets are also lockable and re-zeroable. The elevation turret has a revolution indicator that shows how many turns have been made from the zero point. The windage turret has a left and right indicator to show the direction of the adjustment.


Personal experience 

I have been using the Maven RS.5 for 2 years now, and I am very impressed with its performance and quality. I mounted it my Tikka Stratta in 300wm, and I have used it for hunting deer and shooting steel gongs. The RS.5 is easy to set up and use, and after over 300 rounds through the 300 win mag, it still holds zero. The glass quality is excellent, and the image is clear and bright, even in low light conditions. The reticle is simple and intuitive, and the illumination is handy for dark backgrounds. The parallax adjustment is smooth and accurate, and the zero stop is a great feature for long range shooting. The turrets are solid and precise, and the clicks are audible and tactile. The RS.5 is also very durable and rugged, and it has stood up to some very harsh weather conditions so far.



The Maven RS.5 has gone above and beyond what I have asked of it. It has performed easily out to 1km on gongs, deer at various ranges, from 20-400m, as well as even securing me a Sambar at only 8m in thick bush. The field of view on this scope can truly handle any situation that may come its way. This is a high-end rifle scope that offers a lot of features and performance for long range shooting and hunting as well as any other hunting or shooting situations you want to throw at it. It has easy to use and dependable turrets, amazing glass and it comes with a lifetime warranty and a direct-to-consumer price that is lower than comparable rifle scopes. If you are looking for a premium rifle scope that can handle any situation and distance, the Maven RS.5 is a great choice.


Check out the specs on the RS.5 now :

Maven RS.5 4-24x50 

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