• Alex Proft

    Aussie Bush Harvest

    "Needing to upgrade my glass to a pair with a wider objective lens, The Maven C3s in 10x50 came in to my hands in March, proving instantly useful for the start of the fallow rut."

    Most of my hunting gear is "no frills” but always chosen with the intent of getting maximum performance in as many various hunting terrains or hunting scenarios as possible. So being able to choose a set of binos that were affordable yet still offered premium glass was a no brainer.“

    One of the first early morning glassing sessions found me watching out for bucks on a distant hill side. The comfort my eyes felt with quality optics was a pleasure compared to the straining felt whilst using the entry level pair I’d put up with before switching to Maven. I also found myself constantly wiping fog and condensation off my camera lens whilst getting perfect clarity through my C3s due to the anti fog tech that Maven treats its glass with. With the high delivering deer hunting hours of dawn and dusk being generally much higher in dew and general humidity, feeling assured that my optics won’t fog over at a critical moment gives big confidence when its most needed. This is my same experience with the CRS.2 scope mounted on my rifle.

    Ive experienced an equal level of performance at closer ranges such as the thicker dogwood scrub we find in prime sambar deer habitat. Having a firm focus wheel that’s very smooth to operate is so useful when trying to find the focal “sweet spot” when looking through dappled lines of sight amongst head high bushes and understory. Terrain like this is often impossible to see through with the naked eye, so being able to find that focus and see past a blurred foreground is an important advantage. Being able to dial the C3s focus slowly and smoothly allows me to stay on moving animals that are getting closer even with scrub in between. This often means that I'm not forced to leave a concealed position either.

    The C3’s are performing solidly and very reliably for me. They’ve been the key tool in finding a few high value deer this year which I’m very stoked to have taken. I’ll be going into future hunts very confident in my optics and can’t imagine any need to replace them. “

  • Shaun Hutson

    Sambar Hunter

    "I chose to shop with The Modern Hunter because of the outstanding customer service and support from the team. My favorite Maven product is the B1.2 binos due to the quality of the product and the amount of light the binos let in when glassing a big country is second to none. "

    Shaun recently purchased an S1.A spotter to help get some better glassing opportunities, he was so impressed with the glass he has since added some B1.2’s to his kit to replace his old Binos. Shaun also enjoys using the spotter to film and capture images of sambar undisturbed from a distance.

  • Josh Price

    Sambar backpack hunting enthusiast

    "I purchased the Tricer AD tripod as I wanted a full height capable tripod that I could use while standing (I am 6’2” tall) that weighed under 1kg, was stable and had minimal moving parts. I have had multiple carbon fibre tripods but nothing that stands out like the Triccer AD".

    I chose to shop with the modern hunter because they sell outdoor gear that really tick all the boxes for backpack hunting and there’s nothing better then supporting Australian businesses in the hunting industry.

    Josh has dedicated most of his spare time to backpacking into remote areas to hunt Sambar. If he isn’t sitting behind a spotter, glassing for stags he is fine tuning his long range set up. Josh is very focused on his setups and everything must have a purpose, be high quality and also lightweight. Josh’s favourite product is: Tricer AD tripod.

  • Nathan Stuart

    Edge of the Outback

    "I've said this before, these Maven B1.2 10x42's were fantastic bino's over the rut. I spent hours each day looking through them with no eye fatigue or headaches, always a good indication of glass quality, allowing for correct adjustment to the individual". "Ive really enjoyed the 10x42 B1.2's Iv been running since the rut. Generated some good discussion comments around showing daytime use in my normal shooting/hunting footage"

    The Edge of the outback has gathered a fairly substantial following on youtube in recent times, from daytime hunts to some great nighttime footage using some high quality thermal gear. Nathan has been a customer of The Modern Hunter optics for a few years now.

  • Remi Hagge

    Competitive Archer

    “I’ve been using Maven for nearly 3 years now starting with a set of B.6 12x50. The quality of the glass these units have is truly incredible. The clarity over any other set of binoculars I’ve ever used blew me away. For 3D archery we shoot a lot of dark lanes with targets in dark holes making it tough to make out the targets let alone the scoring zones. With Mavens the light transmission and clarity makes such a massive difference. If you haven’t tried Mavens you need to give them a go and see the difference, truly amazing optics.”

    Remi has been a supporter of The Modern Hunter and user of Maven Optics for nearly 3 years. An avid competition Archer, you may run into Remi at most 3D sanctioned shoots in QLD and Northern NSW. If you do run into Remi at comp, be sure to ask about his Maven's. He will be more than happy to have a chat with you about them and carries a small range of demo optics covering most of the Maven range both C and B range optics.

    He has placed in competition - 2022 Male Bowhunter Open Ipswich QLD State series – 3rd Place

    Hinterland Field Archers QLD State series – 3rd Place Caboolture QLD State series – 2nd Place Overall QLD State Series – 3rd place 2022 3DAAA Nationals – 1st Place 2022 Male Bowhunter Open Shooter of the Year

    2023 – Semi Pro Ipswich QLD State Series – 2nd Place Hinterland QLD State Series – 3rd Place

    North Albert State Series – 4th Place Overall QLD State series – 3rd Place