Maven S.1A 25-50x80 spotting scope review

Maven S.1A 25-50x80 spotting scope review

I decided after a few years it was time to upgrade my spotting scope and with the upcoming Wild Deer Expo I thought it was a great time to see what’s on the market and hopefully get myself a good deal on one.


After checking out what was there and doing some prior research I was really keen to go see the boys from The Modern Hunter Australia and see the range on Maven gear they had on display.

After checking out all the options and getting hands on with the different models, I walked away with the Maven S.1A 25-50x80 spotter. This thing is a fantastic piece of equipment. The glass is second to none. Crystal clear and the amount of light it lets in is incredible. Super smooth magnification and focus wheel. It’s great to be able to check over an animal after locating it with my binos, I believe that the Maven gear is just as good, if not better than all the top end spotters but for a fraction of the cost.

I take the spotter with me every single time I head out, whether it’s a backpack trip or just a local hunt and use it about 90% of the time. I also use a phone attachment as I like to take a lot of pictures of wild life through it. The images come out fantastic. After owning the spotter for a month or so I was so impressed I hit the boys up and purchased a set of B1.210x42’s and these things are just as bloody good. 

-Shaun Hutson

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