Maven C3 10x50 review: A year in the hands of Alex Proft

Maven C3 10x50 review: A year in the hands of Alex Proft

It's time for a change

I needed to upgrade my glass to a pair with a wider objective lens, The Maven C3s in 10x50 came into my hands in March of 2023, proving instantly useful for the start of the fallow rut. Most of my hunting gear is "no frills” but always chosen with the intent of getting maximum performance in as many various hunting terrains or hunting scenarios as possible. So being able to choose a set of bino's that were affordable yet still offered premium glass was a no brainer.

In the bush

One of the first early morning glassing sessions found me watching out for bucks on a distant hill side. The comfort my eyes felt with quality optics was a pleasure compared to the straining felt whilst using the entry level pair I’d put up with before switching to Maven. I also found myself constantly wiping fog and condensation off my camera lens whilst getting perfect clarity through my C3s due to the anti fog tech that Maven treats its glass with. With the high delivering deer hunting hours of dawn and dusk being generally much higher in dew and general humidity, feeling assured that my optics won’t fog over at a critical moment gives big confidence when its most needed. This is my same experience with the CRS.2 scope mounted on my rifle, which we will get to another time.

Getting in focus, finding the sweet spot

I've experienced an equal level of performance at closer ranges such as the thicker dogwood scrub we find in prime sambar deer habitat. Having a firm focus wheel that’s very smooth to operate is so useful when trying to find the focal “sweet spot” when looking through dappled lines of sight amongst head high bushes and understory. Terrain like this is often impossible to see through with the naked eye, so being able to find that focus and see past a blurred foreground is an important advantage. Being able to dial the C3s focus slowly and smoothly allows me to stay on moving animals that are getting closer even with scrub in between. This often means that I'm not forced to leave a concealed position either.

Final thoughts

The C3’s are performing solidly and very reliably for me. They’ve been the key tool in finding a few high value deer this year which I’m very stoked to have taken. I’ll be going into future hunts very confident in my optics and can’t imagine any need to replace them.


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