The Paratus Package

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The Modern Hunter Paratus Package 

3v Gear Paratus 3 Day Pack ($179.95)

The Paratus 3 Day Operator's Pack is the crown jewel of the 3V Gear line. It all started with our search for a great bug out bag (BOB). Disappointed with the quality and price of most tactical backpacks we decided to create our own. The Paratus 3-Day Operator's Pack is not only the toughest and most versatile military style bug out bag on the planet, it is also comfortable to carry.

Hunt Smart ($49.95)

Hunt Smart is a product especially designed for hunters to improve nutrient uptake, performance, hydration, endurance and recovery. Hunt smart can help replenish essential vitamins and amino acids to help you maintain stamina, recover faster and re-hydrate quicker then ever before.

Torrent Drink Bottle ($34.95)

The 3V Gear Torrent Insulated Water Bottle is perfect for your next adventure. Fill it up with 600mL of your favorite hot or cold beverage and enjoy hours of temperature regulated goodness. The Torrent is made of Stainless Steel for durability and features a vacuum sealed design to keep your colds cold up to 24 hours and your hots hot for up to 12. 


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